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Hi, my name’s Jenni Gudgeon, and welcome to I Love Scolawi’s blog.

This is the first proper blog I have undertaken, so I apologise for any mistakes I make; it might be a little while until I get the hang of everything.

My I love Scolawi project started off very small about two years ago, and has grown and grown until it occasionally scares me how big it has gotten. But the size of the project also excites and motivates me, it’s the biggest project I’ve ever undertaken, and I can’t wait for it to get properly started. 

I etched this picture in November to promote and explain the project
Scottish sedimentary rock with crab. Etching inspired by the patterns of Malawian fabrics

I head out to Malawi for two weeks at the end of May, to take photos and teach the etching workshops there. Then it’s back to Scotland to teach as many etching workshops as I can before the summer holidays start at the end of June.

Across the summer, I’ll be etching my own pictures as much as I can. Etching takes longer than drawing, and an A4 picture takes me about a week to design and etch.

I Love Scolawi has been given an exhibition space at the Fifespace Gallery, Glenrothes in October 2014, and it will travel to The Lochgelly Gallery, Fife in April 2015. Everyone’s pictures will be on display, and the best 40 participant pictures will be enlarged and hung to complement my own work.

I will be using this blog to keep everyone up to date with what’s happening with the project. But I’ll also be using it as a diary for evaluation purposes to explain the ups and downs of working on a large project, and to sharing my learning and try to help others.


Source: Scolawi


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