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Artist Statement

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of worlds within worlds and what is hidden at the edge of perception. The first book I remember reading revolved around an individual looking after a tiny world which no one else believed in. Much of my artwork incorporates this hidden world idea, revealing realities that are veiled in some way from normal sight.

I am similarly interested in myths and legends, and my art is peppered with references to the cultural history of my local area: its traditions, fairytales, and tall stories. I often use a lot of symbolism in my work, and while most of which is understandable to all, I also include personal references and private jokes. I think these make an interesting catalyst for people to find their own meanings.

By etching into photographs, I combine the everyday world, as picked up by my camera, with the fantastical world of the human imagination. Photographers are extremely careful to guard their prints against scratches and I enjoy turning the tables on this behaviour to make scratches into a desirable addition to a photograph and a thing of beauty in its own right.