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I am a photographic artist and writer, creating one off art works out of my photographs by etching (scratching) designs into the photographic emulsion. I theme much of my work around my local area, the beautiful Howe of Fife. Etching images into my photographs gives my work an extra dimension, and allows me to experiment and explore two different viewpoints at the same time.

May 2021 – Present
Writing my first novel about a secret society providing crucial support for the people fairies take an interest in.

Feb 2018 – Present
Creating illustrations for my second book on the mythical creatures around the coast of Scotland

May 2006 – 21
Exhibition of my current work at Open Studios North Fife.

March 2018
Published Folkland Fables, a children’s book I wrote and illustrated about the mythical creatures to be met in my local woods.

September 2014 – June 2015
Exhibition of I Love Scolawi in Malawi at the Lake of Stars festival and the Blantyre Arts Festival then at FifeSpace Gallery, Glenrothes (Oct-Dec 2014), Napier University – Merchiston Campus (Feb 2015), and Westgate Medical Centre, Dundee (March-June 2015)

May to September 2014
Running I Love Scolawi. A community art project between Auchtermuchty, Scotland and Blantyre, Malawi that uses my etching technique. The two cultures are superimposed to highlight the strong relationship between the two countries and the common bond of human experience despite the cultural and geographic divide. The project includes my own artwork on a similar theme.

April to August 2012
Exhibition at The Stables, Falkland Estate, Fife of a collection of photographs and etched photographs from photo walks taken on the estate to study the ever-changing play between sunlight and shade.

July 2010
Started to etch images onto the surface of my photographs.

October 2008
Exhibition of children pulling faces at Cupar Art’s Festival, filling the windows of the YMCA.

June/July 2008
Two Lomond Monster pictures successfully submitted to Royal West of England Academy’s open submissions photography exhibition `Through the Lens

Spring 2007
Completed Bits and Pieces; a series of photographs taken to examine the way I could change my body’s shape, and to look at the effects the years have had on my body, with all its oddities, ‘beauties’, and failings.

September 2005
I started my Lomond Monster project: A set of twelve photographs depicting monsters and giants inspired by the outline of the Lomond hills and incorporating local stories and legends.

August 2005
An invited artist at the Pittenweem Arts Festival exhibiting Another Year (series exploring the changing shapes and textures of the plants in my garden, and comparing my life cycle with my garden’s cycle through the seasons) along with Silvery Threads, (a collaboration with willow weaver Jane Wilkinson using photography to reveal the hidden history of a woven object from harvesting the willow, to weaving the sculpture.)

I have an honours degree in Photography, Film and Television from Napier University. (1991 -1995)