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Filming, fundraising, and photography

I’m sorry I’ve not been blogging for a few weeks. Lots of things have been happening behind the scenes, and I’ve just not been telling anyone about it.

Filming workshop

On the last weekend of the Easter holidays I took a group of explorer scouts off to the YMCA in Perth to go on a filmmaking workshop.

You can spot Bill ,my husband in this picture. He is on the course because he’ll be filming me in Malawi, and needs to know what he’s doing too.

The workshop was delivered by Tony who was fab – really eloquent and knowledgeable, and everyone really enjoyed the session. It made me realise just how different filmmaking is from photography, and there seems to be so much more to think about than just taking photos that I almost started panic. Then I remembered that I wasn’t actually making the film, and that I was only there so I could keep up with the kids. By the way, I realise that there is an awful lot to taking good photos, but I’ve been doing it for 25 years and it comes a lot more naturally to me.

Fundraising news

I keep dreaming about my ideal world where I got the funding I applied for from Creative Scotland and I’m taking it easy this month learning about promoting a project, and starting to etch my pictures. No such luck I’m afraid.

This month I’ve been manically busy trying to raise funds so I Love Scolawi happens fully. As well as the events listed I’ve been applying to a few Charitable Trusts as well.

There has been a lot of excitement about the Decades Disco on the 10th May, and quite a few tickets have already been sold. A big thank you to everyone who’s told me they want to come.

I’m still waiting for my small lotteries license for the raffle. My tickets have arrived from the printers and I can’t wait to start selling them once I’m official.

I’ve organised a ‘guess the artist’ quiz. These will be sold for £1 each, and I’m not sure where they will be stocked just yet, as I’ve only just written it. My friend Laura Appéré has offered to sell them at her Open Studios venue in Falkland (3rd-5th May) and I’ll be selling them at every event I can.

If you’d like to sell some quizzes or raffle tickets for me to your friends and contacts I’d be extremely grateful. Email me and I’ll sort you out with some copies.

My friend Violet, has offered to run a hafla in Auchtermuchty for the project. Violet is a belly dancer, and a hafla is the name for their get-togethers, as hafla is Arabic for party. I’ve seen some of the pictures Violet has taken and they looks awesome. people take turns to perform, and choreograph their piece to suit the fundraiser of the evening. I’ve never been to one, and can’t wait.

I will be running a crowdfunding campaign when I get back from Malawi in June to raise funds specifically for the workshops materials and exhibition prints.
I’ve been trying to organise a variety of events  that will suit different people, and which means that I’m not just asking my friends to pay for this project. I’m happy that the events are sufficiently wide-ranging and interesting that other people will want to join in too. I hope so anyway.

If you have any thoughts about other ways I can raise funds then I would be delighted to hear for you.


The weather might have turned a little colder now, but we had a week of gorgeous weather and I took full advantage of it. Here’s a few of my favourites.

Forth Road Bridge

Newark Castle, just outside St Monans

Dysart Harbour

Culross Palace

Source: Scolawi


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