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Three mermaids chatting on some rocks

Mythical Sea Creatures

These pictures feature in my follow up book to Folkland Fables. It will be a field guide to the mythical…Read More

Falkland Estate

The base photos were taken during a year I spent photographing the interaction between the sunlight and shade on Falkland…Read More

Etched Figures

These pictures were made to try out different etchings techniques, to have some fun, and to make my favourite ‘nonsense’…Read More

Lomond Monsters

I hope that one day these will be a set of twelve photographs of monsters and giants inspired by the…Read More

I Love Scolawi

I Love Scolawi is an etched photography project I ran in 2014 to juxtapose the different cultures of Scotland and…Read More

Folkland Fables

Folkland Fables is an illustrated field guide to the fairytale creatures you can meet in Folkland Woods. Some creatures are…Read More