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I Love Scolawi

I love Scolawi is a cultural exchange art project that Jenni Gudgeon is running in summer 2014 between Auchtermuchty, Scotland and Blantyre, Malawi. The two countries have had a partnership going back to David Livingstone. It will use a technique Jenni’s developed to etch (scrape) designs into the top layer of photographs to create complementary double images. Ordinary adults and children in both countries will attend workshops to etch what they love about living in their country onto photographs that were taken in the other country (Malawians etch onto Scottish photos and Scots etch onto Malawian photos). By superimposing the two cultures the strong relationship between our two countries is highlighted, along with the common bond of human experience that bridges the cultural and geographic divide. The project will culminate in an exhibition to be displayed in both Scotland and Malawi. This will give people in each country the opportunity to see their work exhibited in a professional manner, and take pride in the partnership between our countries.

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Jenni's news from the land of the Faerie Folk

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"I Want To Stay In My Own Home"

This blog is completely different from my work as an artist, where I write about and illustrate the fairytale creatures I meet in my local woods. I never imagined I could write, but somehow I’ve ended up writing a book. I’ve got to the stage where I need to write every day in order to improve my writing skills, but I have very little spare time. Then I heard about ten minute novelists, so used their technique to ensure I wrote daily, writing about being a carer for my mum. If you’re looking for a blog about a perfect mother/daughter relationships being destroyed by this terrible disease, then you’re probably looking in the wrong place. I’ve always had complicated feelings about my mum. These feelings have been superseded by the overwhelming problems we now face, and I want her to get better so that I can go back to being annoyed, irritated and proud of her again. This isn’t going to happen and our relationship has had to change to accommodate that fact.

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