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I Love Scolawi

Filming, fundraising, and photography

I’m sorry I’ve not been blogging for a few weeks. Lots of things have been happening behind the scenes, and…Read More

Picking myself back up

As some of you will have heard by now, I didn’t receive the Creative Scotland grant funding I applied for.…Read More

Why I’m concentrating on the good things

This year, there are lots of thoughts flying around about what it means to be Scottish. I’m English by birth, but…Read More

Why I Love Scolawi

Choosing A Name One thing I find very difficult is creating names for my projects, and I spent an awful long time…Read More

A Few Funding Application Tips

I first started applying to fund this project in March 2013, and looking back I’m embarrassed about how bad my…Read More

How It All Began

This whole project came about because my husband, Bill, is part of a team from St Andrews University who regularly fly…Read More


Hi, my name’s Jenni Gudgeon, and welcome to I Love Scolawi’s blog.This is the first proper blog I have undertaken, so I apologise…Read More